Annual Report 2015

Our services

The Adecco Group offers the full range of HR solutions, tailored to meet the evolving needs of clients and associates around the globe.

The Adecco Group’s business can be viewed from different perspectives: by service line, by business line, and by segment. In this chapter we describe our services and solutions together with the business lines and brands through which we deliver these services. A review of our 2015 performance by segment can be found in the Review of segment performance.

Temporary Staffing 
In 2015, 89% of revenues and 72% of gross profit of the Adecco Group stemmed from temporary staffing services. We place associates both in roles requiring general skills and those demanding professional qualifications, as described in the section ‘Our business lines and brands’ on the next page.

At the Adecco Group, we handle all the logistics for the provision of temporary staff. We make contact with candidates through online channels and our branch network. We conduct interviews and match the client’s requirements with the candidate’s skills and needs to ensure a good match. We perform all administrative tasks, such as payrolling and remittance of social security payments. And we always strive to find consecutive assignments for our associates to ensure they are continuously employed.

Permanent Placement
Permanent Placement services accounted for 2% of revenues and 10% of gross profit of the Adecco Group in 2015. Our largest markets for permanent placement are North America and the UK & Ireland, followed by the Emerging Markets, France, Japan, and Germany & Austria. In all our markets we have access to a wide range of talents, including hard-to-reach professionals who are not actively looking for a job. We search for candidates, screen the CVs, and conduct interviews and assessments. We are committed to finding the right people for the client’s business. To ensure a successful fit, we will propose only candidates who have passed our in-depth screening process. We support candidates in reaching their career goals, guiding them in selecting the right role for their skills and aspirations so that they can realise their potential.

Career Transition
Revenues generated from Career Transition represented 2% of the Adecco Group’s total revenues and 8% of gross profit in 2015. Thanks to our large global network, we can offer consis­tent support to complex organisations in multiple countries. We have the capabilities and expertise to manage an entire process, be it for a few people or thousands. We ensure that affected employees are engaged in transition activities and that retained employees remain productive, committed, and focused on their work. It often happens that some areas of an organisation are downsizing while others are expanding and recruiting. We reduce transition and recruitment costs by redeploying employees affected by a downsize to areas in need of talent.

Outsourcing, Talent Development, and other services
In 2015, 7% of revenues and 10% of gross profit of the Adecco Group were generated in Outsourcing, Talent Development, and other services. In Outsourcing, the Adecco Group is not paid according to the hours an associate works but based on a task-related measure. Our largest markets for this service are Iberia, Japan, and the Emerging Markets. In Business Process Outsourcing, clients transfer large-scale HR processes to the Adecco Group through Managed Service Programmes (MSP), Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), and our Vendor Management System (VMS). This trend began in the USA, but clients increasingly demand these services globally. Talent Development services include career and leadership development programmes and change management solutions. We assist our clients in maintaining productivity through changes, engaging and retaining talent, and developing leaders at all levels.