Annual Report 2015

Our business lines and brands

The Adecco Group’s portfolio includes brands that are active globally such as Adecco Staffing, Modis, Badenoch & Clark, Spring, Lee Hecht Harrison, Pontoon, and Beeline. The portfolio also includes local brands such as Accounting Principals, Entegee and Soliant in North America, DIS and euro engineering in continental Europe, and VSN in Japan. Each brand is targeted to specific candidate and client segments. The brand governance and the development of our brand portfolio is managed by the Group’s Brand Steering Committee.

General Staffing
In 2015, General Staffing made up 74% of the Adecco Group’s revenues. We offer tailored solutions to small, medium, and large clients with the aim of building long-lasting relationships with both associates and clients. Given the relatively lower-margin nature of the General Staffing business, an efficient delivery model is key to optimising our own costs and being competitive. General Staffing includes the two business lines Office and Industrial.

Office represented 24% of revenues of the Adecco Group in 2015. We offer temporary staffing and the permanent placement of administrative and clerical personnel. In order to provide the right combination of personal and technical skills, we mainly focus on the business areas Administrative/Clerical Assistance, Customer Service, Human Resources, Import/Export, Project Management, Purchasing, Secretarial/Personal Assistant, and Sales, Marketing & Events. Our main brands in this business line include Adecco, Adecco Office, and Office Angels.

Industrial accounted for 50% of the Adecco Group’s revenues in 2015. We serve our clients with temporary staffing and permanent placement mainly in sectors such as Automotive, Manufacturing & Heavy Industry, Construction, Transportation & Logistics, and Hospitality. Our main brands in this business line include Adecco, Adecco Industrial, and Tuja.

Professional Staffing 
Professional Staffing accounted for 23% of the Adecco Group’s total revenues in 2015. We take an ‘experts talk to experts’ approach and offer a high-end specialist point of contact for our clients and associates alike. We establish relationships with line managers at enterprises to better understand the skills sets of candidates needed. This ensures successful matching of candidates’ profiles with clients’ needs for positions requiring higher qualifications. In turn, expert points of contact
enable us to offer high-level assignments for candidates and to attract talented, qualified, and sought-after individuals. Professional Staffing comprises the business lines Information Technology, Engineering & Technical, Finance & Legal, and Medical & Science.

Information Technology 

The Information Technology business line represented 12% of the Group’s revenues in 2015. Our Information Technology experts partner with clients to integrate, structure, and streamline their IT services and activities. Among others, we provide temporary assignments and permanent positions for IT developers, programmers, consultants, project managers, systems engineers or analysts, and IT support for any industry. Our main brand is Modis.

Engineering & Technical
In 2015, we generated 5% of the Group’s revenues in Engineering & Technical. In this field our associates take on projects or assignments on a temporary or permanent basis for key industries such as Electronics, Automotive & Transportation, Energy, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Medical Products, Aerospace, Chemicals, and Raw Materials. Our main brands include Adecco Engineering & Technical, Entegee, and euro engineering.

Finance & Legal 
The Finance & Legal business line accounted for 4% of revenues of the Adecco Group in 2015. In a rapidly changing world, new standards, systems, and regulatory requirements are emerging all the time. Finance & Legal specialises in the temporary and permanent placement of talented accounting, finance, and legal professionals who work in sectors including Accounting, Finance, Banking, Legal, Construction, Property, HR, Management, and Marketing & Communications. Our main brands include Badenoch & Clark, Accounting Principals, and Special Counsel.

Medical & Science 
The Medical & Science business line represented 2% of the Adecco Group’s revenues in 2015. We recruit and place therapists, nurses, pharmacists, doctors/physicians, and other healthcare professionals on a permanent or temporary basis in the fields of Speech Therapy, Pharmacy, Clinical Research, Regulatory Affairs, and Sales & Products Support. Our main brands include Soliant and Adecco Medical.

Solutions accounted for 3% of revenues of the Adecco Group in 2015, including revenues generated with Business Process Outsourcing and Career Transition and Talent Development solutions.

Business Process Outsourcing
Business Process Outsourcing includes revenues generated in Managed Service Programmes, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, and Vendor Management System. With Managed Service Programmes we manage all or parts of a client’s contingent workforce, and with Recruitment Process Outsourcing we undertake a similar role for all or parts of their permanent recruitment needs. Our global brand name for these services is Pontoon. We are the only major staffing company that can also provide the technology platform that underpins Managed Service Programmes. Such a platform is known as a Vendor Management System, and our market-leading product is branded Beeline. Our Beeline offering includes a Freelancer Management System that allows companies to manage their use of freelancers/independent contractors.

Career Transition and Talent Development services
In our Lee Hecht Harrison business, we focus on delivering career transition, leadership development, career development, and change management solutions for organisations committed to developing the best talent and becoming employers of choice. We are the world’s leading career transition and talent development services provider and our truly global footprint continues to be highly attractive to our clients.